Slate Impression Concrete

Your home is a massive investment – it’s the big one. How you choose to surround it speaks volumes. Choose a stylish, glossy and sophisticated look with our slate impression concrete services in Melbourne.

Slate impression concrete is the combination of slate and stone,captures the classic style of natural slate or stone paving, in a range of different colours and shades for a low cost. It is perfect choice for exciting colour combination.The complete style is achieved by laying and then levelling a concrete surface before a colour topping is spread over the surface. Afterwards, the colour is troweled in, after which you can have a secondary colour troweled into the surface which gives you a real slate impression look.

The surface is covered in a release agent followed by the slate design of your choice which will stamp the impression in. That surface is left to sit overnight and the next day the slate-look concrete is pressure washed away, releasing the agent off the surface. Following this, we make a series of saw-cuts and then seal the areas with a clear Concrete Sealer to provide long-life protection. We can offer you many colours to choose from our charts.